Flying Gorilla Academy tracks down cycling gold at nationals in Milton, Ont.


The Flying Gorilla Academy was one of the major winners on Saturday at the Canadian track championships at Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, Ont.

The B.C. team of Guy McLintock, Keith Bruneau and Thomas Schelesny captured the gold medal in the Master Men’s team sprint final.

Cyclemeisters/Bowcycle of Alberta, consisting of riders Brent Baerg, Willy Gonzalez and Frank Kovacs collected silver, while the Quebec-based Composite 1, with riders Jeremie Fontanaud, Scott Loong and Michel Ostiguy, pocked the bronze.

The Opus Elite Cycling P/B Cyclepath of Oakville, Ont., with riders Rosa Phillip, Amy Maher and Denise Magnini won the gold medal in the Master Women’s team sprint final.

Composite 1 of Ontario, with Melissa Turtureanu, Lisa Ulrich and Paolina Allan, collected silver, while Composite 2 of Ontario, with Amanda Scott, Cassandra Powell and Sandra Fletcher took bronze.

Composite 1 of Manitoba, with cyclists Patrice St. Louis Pivin, Ryan MacDonald and Tyler Davies won gold in the Elite Men’s team sprint final, while Composite 2 of Ontario, with Tyler Rorke, Ryan Dodyk and Cole Dempster took silver. Composite 3 of Ontario, with Andrew Scott, Hudson Lubbers and Theron Inglis collected bronze.

Juventus Cycling Club of Alberta, with Jackie Boyle, Erica Rieder and Anne-Marie Dumont won gold in the Elite Women’s team sprint final.

Composite 1 of Quebec, with Emy Savard, Erin Watchman and Thalia Krauth-Ibarz took silver.

Dylan Bibic of the Israel-Premier Tech Academy team of Toronto won the gold medal in the Elite Men’s omnium, while Zach Webster of Toronto Hustle collected silver. Chris Ernst, also of Toronto Hustle, took bronze.

Ngaire Barraclough of Boneshaker/Orange Seal in Canmore, Alt., won gold in the Elite Women’s omnium, with Lily Plante of the team of Sutton, Que., took silver. Jenna Nestman of Tesseract Racing in Roberts Creek, B.C., collected bronze.

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