Israel lays out plans for next stage of Gaza conflict


‘Empathetic distress’: Exploring empathy’s limits in times of crisis

Adam Grant, a Wharton School professor, joined Morning Joe to discuss his new op-ed on the emotional impact of ongoing conflicts, like Israel’s war with Hamas.

“Empathy is in some ways a renewable resource, but it can be drained very quickly,” Grant said, explaining how continuous exposure to global crises can lead to “empathetic distress,” causing people to feel overwhelmed and helpless. 

Grant differentiates between empathy and compassion, suggesting compassion as a healthier, more sustainable response.

Israeli defense minister outlines plans for war’s next phase

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s office released a brief document detailing some of the framework envisioned for “phase 3” of the war, as well as what would happen in post-war Gaza.

According to the document, the third phase of war will focus on “the erosion of remaining terror hotspots in the area.” In north Gaza, that will include raids and special operations, while in the south the military will focus on eliminating Hamas’ leadership.

Gallant’s document reiterates comments from officials that Hamas “will not” be in control of the Palestinian enclave after the war and that Israel will “reserve its operational freedom of action.” It said that Israeli civilians will not be in Gaza and that Palestinian “bodies” will be in charge.

“The entity controlling the territory will build on the capabilities of the existing administrative mechanism (civil committees) in Gaza — local non-hostile actors,” the document said.

Restoration of the strip, the document said, would be led by the U.S. in a multinational task force. Israel sees Egypt as a “major actor” in the post-war plan.

Israeli army movements in Gaza

AFP Contributor#AFP / AFP – Getty Images

Israeli army humvees and vehicles move along a dirt road in the Gaza Strip near a position along the border with southern Israel.

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